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Fee Schedule


  • Insurances accepted by Nathaniel Lukas and Jeanette: Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Presbyterian/Magellan, Western Sky, Tricare, Friday Health Plan, United, AETNA (coming soon for Jeanette). 

  • Insurances accepted by Lee: Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Presbyterian/Magellan, Western Sky. Coming soon for Lee: Tricare, Medicare, AETNA. 

  • Rates of service: Therapy Intake/Evaluation $250; Psychotherapy (16-37 min) $160; Psychotherapy (38-52 min) $200; Psychotherapy (53-60 min) $210; Group Therapy $100; Crisis Therapy Session $250. Rates of service may be updated at agency's discretion. 

  • Contact us if you must pay out of pocket. 


Wellness services are typically not covered by insurance and are therefor paid out of pocket or by a funding source. For example, Pets and Helping Dogs services have been funded for some clients by programs including: Mi Via / Self-Directed Choices, DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation), and The Airforce Aid Society. 


  • Court Report (Jeanette only): $500 + tax

  • Individual Consultation or Supervision

  • Group Consultation or Supervision for healthcare professionals or professional dog trainers: $50 + tax per session or $150 + tax for bundle of four sessions. Group size minimum 2 and maximum 5. Format is secure video call.

  • Presentation, training or workshop:

    • Topics include: Assistance Dogs (scope of assistance provided by these canines and rights and responsibilities of handlers); mental health topics; professional development topics such as working with special populations (for example, LGBTQ* clients, people with disabilities, people of color).

    • In person or videocall options available.

    • $150 + tax per hour: Contact us if you cannot afford to pay. As agency is able, we provide some pro bono work in service of our community. 

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